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Thomas is sowing the seeds for a brighter future

A farmer and teacher from the lush village of Nakalama in Eastern Uganda, Thomas Tibiita is a force to be reckoned with. His journey to self-sufficiency tells a story of ambition and empowerment, bolstered by The Hunger Project’s support.

Thomas teaches science and social studies at two local primary schools and is a “farmer by passion.” His small plot at home serves to feed his growing family and provide an additional income stream. Noticing how changing weather patterns were affecting his yields, Thomas sought support at his nearby THP epicentre.

With training, he adopted climate-resilient farming, implementing efficient water systems and sunken bed farming. His varied crops include turmeric, yams, and the unique elephant ear plant. Behind his home lies a sprawling plantation of bananas, sweet potatoes, coffee, and maize. Anticipating future challenges, Thomas also preserves seeds of threatened foods, like Bambara nuts, chilli seeds, and lablab – which help feed nitrogen in plants.

With dreams of expanding his farm, building a larger home, and purchasing a vehicle and cows, Thomas’s ambition is palpable. “I need to work hard, expand and make a difference,” he declares.

Thomas doesn’t keep his newfound knowledge to himself. He is part of a network of 130 farmers under The Hunger Project who utilise local radio to educate their community, addressing issues like water scarcity and sustainable farming practices. Despite adversity, Thomas is unwavering in his commitment to a brighter future.

His community spirit and resilience exemplifies THP values and is what makes our work possible.


I need to work hard, expand and make a difference to what I have now. That will make me so proud.


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