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There’s enough food to feed everyone on this planet if we have the right systems in place.

There’s a big difference between food and nutritious food.

Millions of people cannot access sufficiently nutritious food due to its cost or availability.

While for millions of others, they have access to food – but it has little nutritional value.

It’s estimated that 45 million children under 5 years of age are suffering from acute malnutrition.

This causes stunted growth and muscle wasting that can limit their opportunities in life.

Things like conflict, inflation and climate change all contribute to if a child goes hungry or not.

That’s why our programs help teach communities how to grow their own food, provide small loans so they can buy and rear animals for essential protein, eggs or milk, educate parents on critical nutrition and also how to safely store and process food for maximum nutritional benefit.


children receiving weight or nutrition monitoring in 2022


children with a nursery school food program in 2022


People trained in nutrition and food processing in 2022