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Clean water is a human right, as is access to health care and medicine.

Almost half a million children under 5 die from water-borne diseases every year.

Sub-Saharan Africa is the only region of the world where more people are without basic drinking water services now than in 2000.

HIV/AIDS and deaths from preventable pregnancy complications remain shockingly high.

This is heartbreaking.

Our work to improve basic sanitation, access to safe drinking sources and health clinic services is absolutely critical.

We work with communities to promote maternal child health, provide vaccinations for children, distribute bed nets to prevent malaria, provide education around HIV/AIDS treatments and prevention.

To provide clean water, we help build new water sources, build up water capacity in communities so they can look after water infrastructure and help build sanitation programs to promote safe hygiene.

The borehole in our area is now a security guard for a girl child. Before they used to walk long distances to collect water. They were exposed to early pregnancy, unwanted pregnancy, and early marriages. The Water First project has reduced the occurrence of those problems; girls travel shorter distances to collect water. In my opinion, The Hunger Project has greatly supported us reduce teenage pregnancies through the drilled boreholes.


children vaccinated in Africa since 1999


People trained in water and hygiene program globally in 2011


Bed nets to prevent malaria distributed