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Supporting people – but especially women and girls – to rewrite their own stories and future.

Research from the UN shows the more gender inequality there is in a country, the hungrier people are.

The statistics also show that women and girls are more likely to go without food in scarce times than men and boys.

In many countries, including those where we work, women are still not legally allowed to own land or property.

Girls as young as 10 are effectively sold for marriage, creating generational poverty and a lifetime of co-dependence.

Our approach incorporates a mindset change agenda for both women and men – because the only way we can shift outdated and limiting thinking around equality is if we have both genders involved and understanding the power of equality to end hunger.

Because when women and girls have a voice, they can pursue their education, run a business, represent their community at local councils or committees and become powerful advocates for change.


people have participated in our Vision, Action and Commitment workshops across all of our Program Countries since 2008


People have participated in HIV/AIDS and gender inequality workshops in Africa since 2008


women have participated in our leadership training since 2011