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Adapting and mitigating climate events so people and the planet can thrive.

Severe climate events across the world are becoming more frequent and frightening.

Floods, fires and drought severely disrupt food security and mostly impact those already living in hunger.

Guess where the most at risk from crop failure and hunger caused by climate change live?

Around 80% of the global population most impacted live in sub-Saharan Africa, South and Southeast Asia.

Places where farming families are disproportionally poor and vulnerable to begin with.

Places where our programs to encourage climate adaptation and improved farming techniques are needed most to future-proof our planet and at-risk people from climate shocks that lead to more hunger.

The climate crisis has made it more difficult to farm here, as the rain patterns have changed. The Hunger Project-Benin has taught us to look carefully at when we start planting. The training sessions help us to farm differently and to cope better with an unpredictable climate. I have taken several trainings and now people see me as an expert. That makes me proud.


People trained in climate adaptation workshops since 2011


people trained in food security in 2022


Women trained in climate adaptation workshops in 2022