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Knowledge and information is power.

There is a direct and irrefutable link between education and poverty.

UNESCO undertook research that showed if all adults received two more years of schooling or completed secondary school, it would lift nearly 60 million people out of poverty.

Keeping girls in school also reduces the risk of forced early marriage, which can have devastating life-long consequences.

But there are many barriers to receiving an education.

Our work helps to break down the barriers that keep children, especially girls, from going to school and offers adults the opportunity to attend literacy workshops to help lift them out of hunger and poverty.

Meanwhile, we’re working to increase digital equality through innovative partnerships with Microsoft and Bluetown. Access to information is a powerful tool against hunger and poverty.


adults have enrolled in adult literacy in Africa since 1999


people have been trained in Safe School for Girls workshops in Bangladesh


Animators (volunteer leaders) have been trained in literacy and education in Africa since 2011