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Making an impact on a global scale.

There must be a major shift globally in how we think about hunger. We know that top-down, aid-driven charity models often fail to reach the people who need the most help.

We have a significant advantage in that our successful model has been in place for decades now. These elements – empowering people in-country to make rapid progress in overcoming hunger and poverty: starting with women, mobilising everyone and engaging government – are critical to achieving our mission.

We see this period as a critical moment to embrace a transformational change in how we scale our impact; and as a trusted global movement, we have a far-reaching impact of close to 12 million people annually.

We fund our work primarily from donations from generous individuals who believe complex problems can be solved with investment and vision.


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How much of my donation goes to the cause?


Administration, good governance, staff and fundraising are all essential to delivering our programs and are part of the cause. We are transparent and have a track record of delivering and communicating impact effectively, and we ask that you trust we are investing your donation wisely.

You can read our annual reports, including audited financial reports, here.

Why do you ask for multi-year commitments?

Because we are creating long-term solutions, not a short-term fix. Our projects and programs run over multiple years, so making this pledge allows us to plan effectively into the future with our program country colleagues.

While a one-off gift of any size is gratefully received, if you have the capacity to give over a multi-year period and want to see the biggest impact from your investment, we recommend a multi-year approach.

Can I request my investment goes to a certain area or project?

Yes. Because of our holistic approach to ending hunger, we have projects across areas of interest and impact, from maternal health, education and climate change (naming just a few). Please talk to us on where your area of impact interest is.

Do you prefer project-based or untied giving?

It is completely your choice. Projects such as new Epicentres for example, are very tangible and make your investment and impact highly visible. Untied, or unrestricted giving, acknowledges that for projects like Epicentres to run smoothly and to high governing standards, that untied funding is critical to fund less visible parts of a well-run and regard not-for-profit. United funding can also fill funding gaps which can occur when inflation suddenly rises, and to support our communities during times of emergencies caused by conflict, climate shocks or pandemics.

Can I give through my family’s Trust or Foundation?

Yes. We have relationships with many of Australia’s biggest Trusts and Foundations and welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your directors and/or family to discuss the transformational impact you wish to make.

Can I leave you a Gift in my Will?

Yes. Even leaving just 1% of your estate, once you’ve looked after your loved ones, is an incredibly generous and meaningful way to continue your legacy and ensure that your values are honoured.

You can find out more about leaving a Gift in your Will here.


We'd love to meet you.

Aligning your values and your vision for impact is important to us. To discuss your transformational gift confidentially, please contact  Melissa Kumar, Philanthropy Manager (02) 9222 9088 or email at

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