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Are you a business or brand with a hunger for change?

By working with The Hunger Project, your investment and partnership will empower and enable communities around the world to create sustainable change and lift themselves out of hunger. Partner with us to combat the big issues that cause hunger, such as gender inequality, social injustice and climate change.

Bring your businesses values to life through inspiring content for your customers, motivation and purpose for your staff, and a feel-good factor market advantage.

If you are a like-minded and like-hearted business with an aligned vision to end hunger, we would love to partner with you.

Why partner with us?


Cause aligment creates strong internal culture


It amplifies your own brand story and lives your values


Over a quarter of Australians have actively switched brands because of charity support


Almost two thirds of Australians want to buy their products from a cause aligned brand

Ways to partner


Donate a percentage 
or dollar amount

A dollar amount or percentage of product sales donated; a point of difference for bold brands.


Set Annual Investment

You set an annual donation figure; easy for you, easy for us (and super impactful).


Host an event

Make a splash with a co-themed event for your customers, tied to a specific day.


Workplace giving

Give your employees an opportunity to donate seamlessly via payroll workplace giving.

If you are interested in exploring what a partnership between your business and The Hunger Project could look like, please contact Jessica Parker, Head of Partnerships, here.

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I want my children to decide their own future for themselves. I wasn’t that privileged, I want it better for my children.


What types of organisations do you partner with?

All types and sizes! You can be a small business just starting out, a more established medium business or a large corporate.

We look more for values alignment over the size of your business so if you’re:

  • Visionary and ambitious
  • Understand impact at scale
  • Believe in collaboration and
  • Value equality

Then we might be a good match!

What are the different partnership options?

We have multiple partnership tiers to suit your needs and the impact you wish to make.

Our minimum investment for a corporate partnership is $15,000 annually.

If you’re a smaller business, you would qualify for our Kick-Starter tier, which is under this amount and acknowledges that you wish to grow your business and giving in the future.

Our Partnership tiers are:

Trailblazers ($500k)
Visionaries ($100k)
Groundbreakers ($50k)
Changemakers ($15k)
Kickstarters ($3k)

Do your partnerships require a minimum donation?

Yes – $15,000 is the minimum for a brand partnership. If your business is under this amount, of course we would still be very grateful for your support but you would not have full access to our brand benefits such as content and imagery.

What is workplace giving and do you offer it?

Workplace giving allows your employees to make a meaningful impact in a simple and effective way. There are so many ways to support The Hunger Project through workplace giving including through payroll giving, where employees make small, regular donations from their pre-tax pay. Other initiatives include internal fundraising events, volunteer opportunities, matched donations and in-kind donations. Please reach out to us if you are interested in our workplace giving program.

What are the benefits of corporate partnerships?

So many! Here are just a few:

  • Creates strong internal culture by fostering trust and loyalty
  • Amplifies your own brand story and brand awareness
  • Showcases your community and social responsibility by living true to your values
  • Creates sustainable change that lifts people out of hunger and poverty for good