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How internet connectivity is transforming the lives of women like Stella.

In low-income countries, only one in five people are online compared to 90% of the population in high-income countries. At a time when the world is digitising education, government services and commerce, it is critical that we prioritise access to digital technologies for all.

Stella began her business over 20 years ago by selling goods at her local market. Over the years, Hunger Project programs like income-generating training and Microfinance supported the growth of her business. But she knew she could be doing more to create a sustainable income through her culinary craft. When her community got high-speed internet through the Meaningful Access Project, Stella immediately leveraged it to expand and diversify her business.

By learning how to make traditional Jollof rice through YouTube, Stella doubled her profits. She is now able to support her three children and continues to conduct research online to expand her entrepreneurial skill set.

And she’s not alone. The Meaningful Access Project will connect over 6,000 women to vital resources that they utilise to uplift themselves and their communities. Leveraging The Hunger Project’s Epicentre Strategy, local leaders have been trained as digital operators to encourage other women to participate in the digital community and create micro-entrepreneurial opportunities.

Together with women like Stella, we are one step closer to bridging the gender digital divide in Ghana.


Now I am making a sizable profit and I can support my three children.

Through the Meaningful Access Project, I learned how to make jollof rice, which I had been struggling to make. Now I am making a sizable profit and I can support my three children. I have also learned how to conduct online research if I have any more questions.


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