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Meet Aminata, an empowered entrepreneur determined to end illiteracy and poverty for her children.

In Burkina Faso, many women face barriers to education with a literacy rate of just 37%. Obstacles like early marriage and pregnancy perpetuate cycles of illiteracy and poverty, limiting future opportunities for generations.

In the tiny village of Nagréongo, Aminata Kaboré plans to end both for her children. Married for twenty years and a mother of four, she prioritises their learning above all else, emphasising its essential role in securing a brighter future.

Aminata, who never had the opportunity to learn to read or write knows, “If you don’t put your children in school, you reduce their chances of succeeding in life.”

A natural entrepreneur, Aminata opened a small fruit and vegetable shop to purchase school supplies for her younger children. However, the unpredictable nature of the business limited her ability to afford their secondary education.

Determined to find a way, she sought support and guidance through The Hunger Project at an epicentre where she received training in animal fattening and soap making. Aminata now practises cattle fattening with her husband, and collaborates with other women in soap-making, forming an association that helps them to weather economic challenges.

Empowered with a diverse skill set, Aminata has greatly increased her family’s household income and is able to keep all her children in school. Her story reflects the determination of countless women in rural Burkina Faso who, with the assistance of THP, are breaking barriers and working toward a brighter future.


If you don't put your children in school, you reduce their chances of succeeding in life.

I did not go to school; there is no way that my children will have the same fate.


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