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Hadijah's dedication to climate resilience and community development

In a small village of Bukoona in the Iganga district of Uganda, Hadijah Naigaga is championing climate resiliency and women’s empowerment. Though soft-spoken and unassuming, she possesses an infectious passion for uplifting her community.

As the leader of the village Women’s Council, Hadijah shares the knowledge and confidence she has gained through The Hunger Project’s training programs in climate resilient farming and women’s empowerment. Fueled by THP, she disperses her wisdom and encourages women to be more confident by showcasing all that she has achieved.

“Most times, women are not confident, so I try to boost their confidence…I encourage them not to give up and to know that the power to develop and grow themselves is in their hands.”

Through savvy financial management and dedication, she has acquired land for farming, built a home, and established a commercial section within her property. Her financial independence not only sustains her family but also stimulates economic growth within her community.

Amidst climate change’s evolving challenges, she remains flexible, strategically choosing resilient crops. She’s also preparing for rainy season farming, and plans to invest in a silo for food storage, observing, “If you have enough food, then it’s easy to save money for other uses.”

While she credits the training and support she gets from THP for her development, it is unmistakably Hadija who is paving the way for a stronger, more resilient future for her community.


Most times, women are not confident, so I try to boost their confidence. They can be leaders just like the men in our community.


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