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How one borehole changed Sarah’s life and revitalised her community

In Bulamagi, Uganda the search for clean water paints a portrait of perseverance. Like many, Sarah, a mother of four, faced the immense challenge of securing safe water for her family. Daily treks to distant rivers and ponds, often contaminated, were a daunting routine. Sarah was vulnerable not only to the diseases the water carried, but to sexual assault and violence along the way.

That was until she found renewed hope through the support of our Water First Project, an initiative bringing water sources closer to villages across Africa. When the project arrived in Bulmagi, only 4% of households had access to safe water. Today, that figure has soared to an astonishing 95.9%.

This wasn’t just the result of external aid but a testament to community spirit. Through collective willpower, twelve villages, encompassing about 500 members, collaborated to ensure the project’s success. With reliable access to clean water, women in the village are now able to invest more time in their families and communities and send their girls to school. They are less vulnerable to disease, sexual violence, and the effects of drought.

With a sense of relief and gratitude, Sarah proclaims, “My children drink, bathe, and play in clean water. My heart, once heavy with worry, now knows peace.” Tedious journeys and waterborne diseases that once plagued her family are a thing of the past. Sarah now sees a brighter and healthier future for her and her family.


My children drink, bathe, and play in clean water. My heart, once heavy with worry, now knows peace.


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