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Meet Alberta, a nurse passionate about youth education and maternal care

In rural Ghana, teenage pregnancies and lack of proper prenatal care are common. With many living far from health facilities, reaching a clinic, especially during labour, can be formidable. It’s just one of the many challenges The Hunger Project is helping to solve.

Alberta, a nurse at the Obenyemi Epicentre is part of the solution. With a tireless spirit, she shuttles regularly between her husband in Accra and her demanding role at the health clinic. She’s been the pillar of support for many young women in this community.

An important part of her work is to ensure women give birth at the epicentre’s delivery clinic. Recognising the challenges of distant medical care, Alberta goes above and beyond by offering home visits and even drives women to the clinic during labour. Together with a colleague, Alberta also runs nutrition workshops, highlighting the importance of breastfeeding for the first six months. These sessions provide critical knowledge that improve health outcomes for both mothers and infants.

Beyond the clinic’s walls, she is passionate about preventing teenage pregnancies. Through her “youth club,” Alberta empowers young girls, educating them on the consequences of early pregnancies. Weekly school visits help to emphasise the importance of education and the risks tied to child marriage.

Looking ahead, Alberta has her sights set on an even greater impact. Inspired by the midwives she’s worked with and the evident development brought about by The Hunger Project, she dreams of becoming a midwife herself. For Alberta, it’s the next step in her mission to uplift and empower the women of Obenyemi.


Since The Hunger Project came, there has been great development in the area. For me personally, the midwives have inspired me to start my own journey to become a midwife and be there for pregnant moms.


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