Our 2017 Restaurant Partners

Australia is full of foodies who love to dine out, but getting a table at the best restaurants can be almost impossible. We’ve reserved tables at the most sought after restaurants and via our special auction platform you can bid on these reservations.

Some restaurants have even offered additional perks including a meal for two and a bottle of wine, accommodation, gifts and meet and greet experiences with the chef! Sign up now to be the first to know when our next auctions go live for Valentine’s Day 2018!

Eat when you want, where you want, for a great cause. All proceeds will go to The Hunger Project to end world hunger by 2030.


Our 2017 Ambassadors

Tom Walton
Tom Walton
A highly acclaimed, award winning, chef and restaurant entrepreneur

“Food brings people together, it’s what I love about being a chef, so I think it’s wonderful that The Hunger Project is taking that moment and giving back to the world through ‘A Table To End Hunger. It can be easy to forget not everyone is as fortunate as we are here in Australia. A Table to End Hunger aims to end world hunger by 2030 while putting it back on the agenda of those more fortunate this Valentine’s Day.”

Andy Allen
Andy Allen
Chef/Owner, Three Blue Ducks Rosebery and Masterchef Series 4 Winner

“The Ducks are stoked to be a part of A Table To End Hunger. We believe that everyone should have the chance to eat fresh and colourful food. By reserving a spot at our table on Valentine’s Day for you, we’re doing our little bit to help end hunger globally. Happy bidding, and see you there!”

Rosie Mansfield
Rosie Mansfield
Nutritionist, Entrepreneur, Food Hacker and Author

“‘A Table To End Hunger’ is such a beautiful heady mix of two powerful things, social mission and food. You couldn’t stop me hopping on board to support this innovative event that just so happens to land on the dreamiest day of the year, Valentine’s Day. Warm your heart even more by using your passion for food to empower others to put food on the table.”

Renae Smith
Renae Smith
Chef & Host, Masterchef Series 6 Contestant (8th place)

“I have a very strong connection with India and when I found out about The Hunger Project, I had to be involved. These guys help not just the women in India – but people all over the world. I love the fantastic way that Australians are able to help out by doing something they enjoy – like dining out at an amazing restaurant on Valentine’s Day – but that it also can really help those who need it the most.”

What we achieved together

All winning bids go to The Hunger Project’s work globally. Here is a snapshot of the incredible results achieved in 2016 with the combined investment of The Hunger Project global community.

TRAIN 107,283 PEOPLE through our Women’s Empowerment Program in Africa.
REACH 141,874 PEOPLE IN BANGLADESH about the negative impacts of child marriage to stop this harmful, traditional practice that keeps girls out of school.
SUPPORT 14,065 ELECTED WOMEN in India to join forces as effective, respected leaders who bring education, healthcare and sanitation in their villages.
VACCINATE 162,038 CHILDREN against deadly but entirely preventable diseases.
TRAIN 59,023 WOMEN and men to feed themselves and their families more nutritious food.
TRAIN 91,817 PEOPLE in HIV and gender inequality-related issues in Africa, to prevent the spread of HIV, encourage people to get tested and treated, and eradicate the stigma attached to it.