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Population: 1.4 billion 
States: 29  
States in which we work: 6 
Reach of our programs: 4.9 million 
Number of children 15 and under supported: 1.69 million 


Population: 169 million 
Districts: 64  
States in which we work: 10 
Reach of our programs: 4.79 million 

Across South Asia, women and girls are not given equal rights or standing – with appalling consequences.  Practices such as dowries and forced marriage are deeply entrenched and mean that girls miss out on their education, the opportunity to work in meaningful jobs and are unable to shape their future and create the fulfilling lives they deserve. We are committed to, and have proven impact in, breaking this cycle of hunger and poverty through targeted advocacy and education programs that elevate the rights of women and girls.

Program examples

  • Adolescent Girls, India: thousands of young girls have benefitted from this program, run in small community groups where personal, reproductive and sexual health rights are on the agenda, with the aim of reducing the rates of child marriage
  • Elected Women Representatives, India: supporting women to be elected to local councils where they can specifically advocate for women’s rights and be a voice for generational change
  • Localising the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Bangladesh: this grassroots movement is aimed at promoting the SDG goals at a local level, with a focus on developing climate resilience and elevating the voices of women and girls