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How being involved in The Hunger Project fulfils our personal values

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At THP’s National Conference on 17 May, the Chairs of our Boards shared how their personal values get fulfilled through being involved in THP.     “I felt like I’d found a family that shared my values.” -Trista Brohier (QLD Board)   “I get to help people be the best they can be. Also, people…

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Five minutes with THP Global CEO, Suzanne Mayo Frindt

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Suzanne Mayo Frindt joined The Hunger Project as President & CEO in May 2017. THP UK sat down with Suzanne to chat about her journey to The Hunger Project and the transformative work undertaken by The Hunger Project and our partners. *** Tell us about your journey to The Hunger Project. How did you become…

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Ending child marriage in Bangladesh

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The Hunger Project Bangladesh recently led a community-wide event to raise awareness of the harmful effects of child marriage and to highlight The Hunger Project’s commitment to empowering women and girls. Around the world, 39,000 girls get married every day. This is a challenge in low-income countries like Bangladesh where one in three girls are…

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Malawi to end child marriages

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The country with one of the highest rates of child marriages has taken a major step to end the practice by adopting a constitutional amendment that raises the minimum age of marriage from 15 to 18 years-old.  In a major win for young girls all across the continent, on 14 February the Malawi Parliament took…

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This is what ending hunger looks like

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Almost half of the population of Senegal lives on less than US$1.25 a day. One in five children between the ages of 5 and 14 are working and not in school. There are often shortages of food and high levels of unemployment. These statistics are not just figures. They are the reality for thousands of…

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Unlock your potential

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Our immersion programs are an opportunity to unlock your potential professionally and personally while connecting to the human spirit and playing a key role in ending hunger globally. Here’s what recent participants have said about their experience: “I will leave with an open heart and a sense of peace I did not have before this…

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A partnership between The Hunger Project and CAMILLA is transforming the lives of 1,000 girls. Six thousand girls have participated in The Hunger Project’s Adolescent Girls Program to date. Now, well known Australian fashion brand CAMILLA has launched a brand-new partnership with The Hunger Project that will enable a further 1,000 young women in India’s…

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Recently, 14-year-old Afrina travelled across India by train with 49 other visionary young women on an exciting peer-to-peer learning adventure. The moment these girls boarded the train they broke down the isolation of the walls of their homes and expanded their horizons. As they travelled across the country, they explored the barriers faced by women…

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Reflecting on the power of our work: A message from our CEO

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To our valued partners in the end of hunger, I recently travelled to Senegal with a group of 20 incredible women on one of our Business Chicks immersion programs. This was my first opportunity to experience a self-reliant community 18 months after they had reached their targets for self-reliance, and I was inspired by all…

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Decjuba launches limited-edition THP tee

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Our wonderful partners at DECJUBA have launched the limited-edition beaded THP tee. 100% of proceeds go to The Hunger Project. The tees are available in black or white, in-store and online here. Thank you to the incredible team at DECJUBA for their ongoing partnership in the end of hunger. Earlier this year, the Decjuba team travelled…

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