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The Ndereppe Epicentre community in Senegal has officially reached all 3 criteria required to declare self-reliance, the ultimate goal of The Hunger Project’s Epicentre Strategy (where the community has the resources and skills needed to continue the work started by us, independent of The Hunger Project).

The criteria include reaching a minimum of 80 for their self-reliance score; having a land title; and being legally recognised as a community development organisation.

Now, we can share Ndereppe’s final self-reliance score – 91.76 (the highest seen yet among the first group of Epicentres that have reached self-reliance!) Ndereppe is the first Epicentre in Senegal to reach self-reliance.
This is testament to what our village partners can make possible in partnership with investors like you.
We now know that having investors like you specifically underwrite an Epicentre through to self-reliance is integral to the community’s success so they can maintain progress and momentum, and reach their goal on time.
We particularly acknowledge Gary Ward for leading the consortium of investors from Western Australia that has partnered with, and funded, the Ndereppe community.