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Sipho is from the Kachindamoto Epicentre community, Malawi where he lives with his wife and 5 children.

In 2015, Sipho received his first farm input loan from The Hunger Project. He then participated in agriculture training through programs available at the Kachindamoto Epicentre. From this training, Sipho was able to harvest 50 bags of maize and sold 25 of them back to his local community, which returned a profit and enabled him to buy an iron roof for his home.

In 2016, Sipho took out another loan enabling him to harvest 55 bags of maize and sell 30. From this sale, he was able to purchase an ox cart. He now hires out this cart to his local community and it provides him with a regular income. With a regular income, Sipho has found that he no longer needs more loans from The Hunger Project, he now has the skills to grow and harvest maize himself and sustain his income.

Sipho’s goal now is to buy a new motorcycle with the income he earns from farming and hiring out his ox cart.

There are many ways you can support people like Sipho: