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Our 2030 Leaders program has just returned from Uganda where they attended the Kiruhura self-reliance celebrations.

Kiruhura achieved its self-reliance targets in November – meaning the community has demonstrated the confidence, capacity and skills to act as agents of their own development.

Some key highlights of Kiruhura’s achievements are:

  • Kiruhura has one of the highest Women’s Empowerment Index scores to date across our epicentres at nearly 78 out of 100 points
  • 100% of women are receiving at least one antenatal visit
  • There was a 65% increase in the proportion of the population aware of their HIV status since the midterm study in 2013
  • Extreme poverty was reduced by nearly 75% since the baseline measurement
  • 37% of households have a nonfarm business

This is a monumental achievement for these communities and all of the staff and investors who partnered with them along the way! We’d like to particularly acknowledge the Whitbread Foundation and the Cranlana group of investors, who have underwritten Kiruhura Epicenter.