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In June, I travelled to Malawi with eight of our fantastic Investors to celebrate the Self-Reliance milestone achieved by the Kachindamoto and Nsondole communities.

I have been so fortunate to experience several Self-Reliance celebrations in my short time at The Hunger Project, and I love that you can visit two communities that have benefited from similar approaches, but both end up in a different but more positive place.

Kachindamoto is a poorer area of Malawi and is further away from major infrastructure and towns. Their creativity and vibrancy were on full display during their self-reliance ceremony – their dance and musical performances were amazing to witness.

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One of the moments that we really will cherish was switching on the maize mill. The community’s creativity and positive energy was an awesome experience. A big thank you to the WA consortium, led by Deb and Miles Protter, who have invested in Kachindamoto and their success.

Nsondole’s community development approach was in full swing; they had already funded a new building themselves, to lease out as a shop and hairdresser. One of their biggest wins was the moringa processing centre (they love moringa so much it features on their Epicentre logo!) Moringa is an African superfood, it grows well in the heat and is packed with essential nutrients – just 100g of moringa leaves is the same Vitamin C found in an orange. It was fantastic to have a crew from our longstanding partner Bared Footwear there, who have been one of the lead investors in Nsondole Epicentre.

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A huge thank you to all of the Investors who made this trip one to remember!


Philippe Magid

CEO, The Hunger Project Australia