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There are many reasons why people feel drawn to supporting The Hunger Project; Chris Khor is candid about the moment in her life that drew her to our work.

“I was having my first midlife crisis at 45 in 2012. I call it “divine dissatisfaction”; I had a thriving
business, I had resources, I had a functioning family, but there was something that was not quite
there. I saw an opportunity to go to Uganda and I said right there and then – “I want to go.”
I’d never been to Africa, but something compelled me to apply.”

She recalls raising $20,000 in a whirlwind of activity – before spending the flight there in a flood of

“I still have the journal. I was writing about how I hated my job and who I was working with, the
sense of fulfillment just was missing,” she reflects.

“Then we went out and saw the work and it changed me. I went from being this crying, entitled,
middle-aged woman to someone who felt incredibly blessed. I got over myself on that trip.”

The trip gave Chris the clarity and focus she needed.

“When I came back – I changed everything except my husband! I went back uni, I sold the dream
house, I changed where the kids were going to school. Within a year I had started a new business,
Chorus Executive.”

As well as running a successful business, Chris utilised her extensive network to spread the word of
our work, while also joining our Board to contribute further to ending hunger.

Adding to her list of achievements, she has since gone on to found PeeplCoach, an online coaching
and leadership development business that empowers people to bring their best to work and to
face their biggest obstacle – themselves.

“PeeplCoach’s mission is aligned to The Hunger Project; it’s about giving individuals the tools and
education to define their own future to be more productive, successful and sustainable.”
“Our partnership allows us to have a big impact while also helping to create a fairer world.”

As a female founder and entrepreneur, Chris feels strongly about empowering women to be future

“We’re very proud that 51% of our coaching cohort are women. We are equalising the playing field
– in executive coaching, the average is around 10%,” Chris explains.
“The women-led component is very important to me personally. I fundamentally believe in
education, keeping girls in school, ensuring they have the opportunity for education and access to

On a personal level, Chris reflects on the life-long friendships The Hunger Project has fostered.
“Two of my closest friends are from that period of time, and the calibre of the people we are
friends with, the kindness and generosity is next level. It’s also allowed me to bring a realness to
others and added an extra layer of purpose to my life.”

To find out how your business can partner with us, get in touch here.