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There are other ways to give to a not-for-profit in addition to monetary investment. Everybody has something they can contribute.

Essentially, there are two main ways you can give to a not-for-profit on top of a financial investment — they are time and skills. There is lots of work to be done by organisations who are tackling huge global issues, so the time and skills of others are invaluable.

If you’re wanting to further your involvement with a cause you’re passionate about, you can combine both time and skills to become a pro-bono partner; that is, volunteer your professional expertise to support the operations of an organisation.

Here at The Hunger Project, we have a handful of pro-bono agencies and freelancers who support us with high-quality work. Here’s a summary from one of our pro-bono partners, Good Data Institute, about how exactly they partnered with us and the impact they were able to create by doing what they do best.

In 2019, the Good Data Institute (GDI) partnered with The Hunger Project Australia (THPA) to support an internal pro-bono data and analytics project. The Hunger Project team wanted to use its donations data to better understand the needs and behaviour of its donor community. Luke Mills and Elizabeth Reid of GDI spent ~50 hours examining donation patterns, the typical lifecycle of different donor archetypes, and the strengths of different appeals and campaigns. At the end of the project, GDI provided THPA with a fact base that it can use to support its future marketing and communications strategies.

The work of THPA has long been respected by the GDI team; Tom Perfrement has previously run P2P campaigns for THPA, and Luke is close with youth board members Jo Akehurst and Ethan Atkins. GDI is inspired by THPA’s ability to form deep and extensive connections between donors and Epicentres while driving meaningful progress towards ending global poverty and hunger. The team was honoured to be able to work with The Hunger Project, and hopes to support THPA with its data and analytics needs in the future.

If you are interested in partnering with us for the end of hunger, please get in touch with our Head of Partnerships at and let us know how you’d like to work with us —all ideas welcome!