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We’re thrilled to welcome our newest National Board member to The Hunger Project Australia family!

Kate has some serious financial credentials with more than two decades in portfolio management, and sits on various finance, strategy and investment committees across sectors.

We sat down with Kate to find out a bit more about her story, and connection to our work.



Welcome Kate to the THPA Board! How did you first hear/get involved with The Hunger Project?

I got to know (previous chair) Diane Grady and she was a tireless advocate for THPA.  She thought that I would find the proposition compelling – and she was right!

What was it about our work that resonated so strongly with you?

I’m strongly of the view that Australia is the best place to live in the world – but those of us who are fortunate enough to live here can’t help but be aware of how big the gap is between our community and other communities.  To address that, the old adage of “teaching people to fish” is really powerful.  Not only is upskilling communities a more effective way to support those people, it also accords them more dignity and respect.

Is there a particular program or part of our work that you love?

I remember reading Melinda French Gates’ “The Moment of Lift” in which she beautifully explains how intertwined women’s experiences are with human development.  Empowering women is central to communities bettering themselves.  So if you want to work on hunger alleviation it’s right and necessary to focus on issues like early marriage and other ways to empower the women of the communities we are involved with.

This is a get to know you – tell us three quick facts! 

I co-founded an indoor rock climbing business (but I’m not a climber, my daughter is)

I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico for seven years.

I did a Liberal Arts degree but ended up as an institutional money manager.

What are you most excited about in the 5 Year Strategic Plan? How will your particular skills help bring it to life?

I love the holistic approach we take.  Alleviating hunger is about farming, and seeds and irrigation – but also about education and equality.  The problem we are tackling is multi-faceted with lots of interrelated issues – and that’s the sort of problem I’ve been working on throughout my career.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering joining a not-for-profit Board?

Only get involved where you are passionate about the mission and excited by the team.

And lastly – finish this sentence “When I give, it brings me ….” ‘

… gratitude, that I can help to uplift others.