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The Hunger Project has been working with partner organisations in Malawi to combat the spread of malaria since 2011. 

Malaria remains one of the world’s leading killers. According to the World Health Organization, it claims the life of one child every two minutes. Progress has been made in limiting the scope of the disease in Africa. However, climate change is expanding the range of malaria-carrying mosquitoes, putting populations at risk that haven’t previously been exposed. 

Currently, 57% of malaria fatalities are children younger than five years old. Children who are malnourished are at the highest risk of life-threatening complications.  

As part of the Majete Malaria Project, Animators (local volunteer leaders) in 118 villages have been trained by The Hunger Project. They conduct malaria prevention workshops, improve houses to reduce mosquito bites indoors, and train community health workers on the methods of malaria transmission. 

For maximum impact, The Hunger Project-Malawi has partnered with UNICEF on the sale and distribution of low-cost, anti-malarial bednets within THP’s Epicentre communities. In 2018, 13,857 malaria-preventing bednets were distributed.