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Beti is an Elected Woman Representative in one of the most marginalised communities in India. When she was first elected to the council, she found it difficult to make an impact. Every time she put forward a development proposal, a powerful lobby group pressured her to pay them a commission and regularly threatened to complain.

This all changed when Beti received leadership training from The Hunger Project. She learned to stand up for what she believed in and how to have her initiative approved and implemented. 

Beti saw that malnutrition was a big problem in her community and was determined to do something about it. Under Beti’s strong leadership, cases are now being efficiently tracked and mothers and children who are suffering from malnutrition are receiving counselling and given help at Nutritional Rehabilitation Centres.

Thanks to Beti, more than 75 malnourished children have been treated. 

Sunder, whose son was severely malnourished, is thankful to Beti and says, “Without her help, a crucial time for my child would have been lost.”