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The power of human potential

  In the villages we work in across Africa and Bangladesh, we run a process called Vision, Commitment and Action (VCA) workshop. 4.1 million of the poorest people on Earth have done it, and the purpose is to begin that process of shifting people’s mindset from ‘I’m poor and hungry – always have been and…

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Soap making entrepreneurs

These women are from our Matsekope Epicentre in Ghana. They have a soap making business together. They’ve taken a collective microfinance loan from The Hunger Project to run their business and they put the profits back into the business or divide them up to help support their families. Mostly, they sell their products at the local market.…

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28,000 young leaders trained and counting

In 1995, The Hunger Project-Bangladesh founded Youth Ending Hunger, a national level training program – that has trained over 28,000 student leaders to date. These young leaders work together to mobilise their peers and communities, committed to effecting change. In meetings across the country, these young leaders learn to organise campaigns on issues such as…

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Why Cathy’s excited about our VCA workshops

I am so excited about this. Some of you know that I’m passionate about human potential and the power it has to solve massive problems like hunger and poverty. Some of you are curious about this and want to know more. Well my lovelies – please get yourself along to this! We are launching our…

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How does a Vision, Commitment, Action workshop…work?

  Start to REALISE YOUR VISION through this session inspired by The Hunger Project’s Vision, Commitment, Action (VCA) workshop. Don’t miss this special event. We are proud to have The Hunger Project Malawi Country Director, Rowlands Kaotcha, with us for the Australian launch. The Vision, Commitment, Action workshop is the innovative technology behind our work…

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Miracle Tree Combats Malnutrition in Africa

Often called “the miracle tree,” moringa offers benefits far greater than your average tree because its leaves are packed with more vitamins and minerals than most foods we know. The tree is extremely rich in protein, vitamins A, B and C and other minerals that are key to combating malnutrition. Eaten as a vegetable course during meals,moringa…

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News from Africa

Did you know that turning peanuts into peanut butter yields a ten-fold increase in profit? That’s why we train farmers to add value to their crops. We also bring farmers together in collectives so they can offer produce at a scale that attracts the attention of bigger customers. For example, farmers at some of our…

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