World Hunger Day 2017: The Hidden Causes of Hunger

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Today, we are celebrating the seventh annual World Hunger Day! World Hunger Day aims to raise awareness of global hunger and to inspire people around the world to be a part of the solution.

Did you know that, worldwide, there are 795 million people who are chronically hungry? Contrary to popular belief, the causes of chronic hunger are not limited to war and natural disaster. In fact, hunger is often a silent, invisible symptom of poverty, and is exacerbated by a host of socioeconomic causes. That’s why this year’s theme for World Hunger Day highlights the Hidden Causes of Hunger, including child marriage, climate change, lack of women’s empowerment, lack of access to clean water and sanitation facilities, and lack of education and literacy.

Together, with our community partners, The Hunger Project champions efforts to overcome these challenges via sustainable, gender-focused strategies. We prioritise three critical elements that, when combined, empower people to make significant progress in overcoming hunger:

  • Mobilising people at the grassroots level to build self-reliance,
  • Empowering women as key change agents, and
  • Forging effective partnership with local governments.

For 40 years, The Hunger Project has demonstrated that, by building on the creativity and self-reliance of the people living in conditions of poverty, entire communities can act as agents of their own development and lift themselves out of hunger.

Join us this World Hunger Day and take action to end hunger. Learn more at

Image Credit: Johannes Odé