Workplace giving

An effective way to create collective impact to end hunger is through a workplace giving program where your employees donate regularly via their pre-tax pay.

Becoming involved in our workplace giving program is a simple, easy and affordable way of supporting The Hunger Project Australia. You can become an active member of this program by donating through your employer’s payroll system from as little as $5 a week.

There are some simple steps to get involved in workplace giving:

  1. Ask your employer if they have a workplace giving program
  2. Register for workplace giving at your organisation
  3. Nominate The Hunger Project Australia as your preferred charity
  4. Select the amount per pay period you would like to contribute
  5. Stay in touch with us!

If your organisation does not currently have a workplace giving program in place, let us know and we can provide you some guidance as to how to get this started in your workplace. We can also put you in touch with organisations that have been through the process of setting up workplace giving to share their experience. Contact us on (02) 9222 9088 or

More information on setting up a workplace giving program can also be found from: