Our Workplace Giving Program

Does your company want to have a long-lasting, sustainable impact on the world?  

Do you want to engage your employees and improve your company’s overall performance?   

Investing in The Hunger Project, through our Workplace Giving Program is an easy and effective way to help end hunger and poverty for good.  

Why partner with The Hunger Project? 

We hunger for change. We hunger for opportunity. We hunger for leadership.  

We hunger for an equitable world for all – a world WITHOUT hunger and poverty.  

Together, we can create long-term, sustainable change that lasts and impacts the lives of millions of people globally.  

To date, we have reached over 16.1 million people in India, Africa and Bangladesh. 

What is Workplace Giving?  

Workplace Giving allows your employees to make a meaningful impact in a simple and effective way. The most simple form of Workplace Giving is when employees make small, regular donations from their pre-tax pay. Our Workplace Giving Program also has other options to suit your needs, including matched donations, volunteering and fundraising opportunities.  

Our Workplace Giving Program is a win-win-win for businesses, employees and for The Hunger Project. 

Employee Benefits 

  • Giving through your pre-tax salary reduces your salary for taxation purposes
  • It’s simple to get involved and give back
  • Help end hunger and poverty as a collective

Company Benefits 

  • Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility  
  • Show your commitment to social impact to your employees and community
  • Increase employee engagement and promote a positive workplace culture

The Hunger Project Benefits 

  • Ongoing, regular investments allow The Hunger Project to count on funds for our work 
  • Greater public awareness of our work 
  • Pooling funds from a number of people has a greater impact on the end of hunger 

*Exact figures are dependent on your ATO personal tax bracket. Consult a financial expert for full details. 

Workplace Giving options

Do you hunger for change 

How can you get involved? 

Your role has never been more important. Break the cycle of hunger and poverty with The Hunger Project. We are here to work with you to easily set up the rewarding experience of Workplace Giving within your organisation. Contact us via the form below to find out more about how your company can get involved.