We have the power to create the future

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I’m a big fan of small actions. An action like talking to a particular person about a business idea, or writing your dream job down on paper can transform into a new entrepreneurial venture or a new career path.

Our actions have global influence too. What I do in Australia could be the catalyst for a mother in Uganda to get educated about the most nutritious food she should feed her 3 children so they don’t get malnutrition, or a father to know to take his pregnant wife to a hospital to deliver their first baby. The thought of my actions flowing into others’ actions in that way is mind-blowing.

Yesterday The Hunger Project Australia launched our first ever crowdfunding campaign (which I am super excited about!) and at the heart of it, it’s about having us take action now, so that children in Africa – the next generation of changemakers – can lead the end of hunger by 2030. I’d love for you to check it out! We’ve also got some cool ‘perks’ that you could get in return for your investment – tempted?

Please help us crowdfund $25,000 by 31 December to empower the next generation of changemakers in Africa: https://www.chuffed.org/project/empowering-the-next-generation-of-changemakers