Vision to Action Workshop


Vision to Action is a three-hour interactive workshop that is inspired by the Vision, Commitment, Action (VCA) workshops that The Hunger Project run across Africa and Bangladesh with our village partners.



This is not an informational event where you sit back and listen to facilitators tell you how to do this. This is a different kind of workshop that offers opportunity for powerful insights that lead to action. Throughout this interactive workshop, you will hear stories about our village partners who have shifted their mindsets, and you will be invited to apply their lessons learned and insights to your own life. We’ll work through the following steps and look at each stage in more depth questioning and reflecting of how it relates to us as individuals.


The VCA’s are a key component to The Hunger Project’s innovative technology behind shifting the mindsets of people living in chronic hunger and poverty from resignation and despondency to optimism and empowerment, so that they can see that they have the power and agency to end their own hunger. This is the first – and most critical – step in the approach to creating sustainable and transformative change. To date over 4.1 million people across Africa and Bangladesh have participated in a VCA workshop.

Although we are not suffering from chronic persistent hunger in Australia, we are still all hungry for something. It could be a hunger for more purpose, meaning, love, creativity, confidence, the list goes on. Through the Vision to Action workshops, The Hunger Project will share some incredible lessons and insights from its village partners in Africa, India and Bangladesh about the adversity they have conquered by shifting their mindset. We’ll incorporate these lessons as we guide you through steps to create your own vision, commitment and actions towards unlocking your leadership, creativity and capacity to live a bigger life. The Vision to Action workshop enables you to see what possibilities could be open to you and your life if you shift your mindset and push through your self-limiting beliefs.



What is your vision for your life? What will be your legacy?


What are you up for? How will you commit to realising your vision?


What specific action steps do you need to take?

This process aims to:

  • Shift your mindset to open up new possibilities for yourself
  • Unlock your leadership, creativity and capacity to live a bigger life
  • Discover what’s been holding you back from fulfilling your potential
  • See a future for you and your life beyond what you see currently
  • Get emboldened to your own power to create that future
  • Take a stand for something you want in your life or for your community
  • Identify clear and immediate actions you can take to realise your vision

Take Action

The Hunger Project Australia’s Vision to Action workshop is for individuals who want to shift their mindset and unleash the power of their potential.