Training one Elected Woman Representative in India can end hunger and poverty for 400 people.

We URGENTLY need your help to train Elected Woman Representatives in India and empower them to end hunger and poverty in their community. By training ONE woman, you can help save 400 people from a life of hunger and poverty.

It costs just $260 to train one Elected Woman Representative per year. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift before June 30. We thank you for your generosity!

Mohan's Story

“I went to work to break stones, while my son was at home dying” Mohan

Mohan loved his family and did everything he could to support them. Every day he worked long hours breaking stones – and earned less than $1 per day. If he didn’t work he didn’t get paid and his family would not eat.

One day Mohan’s eldest son became ill and needed medical care. His condition could have been easily treated in a few days, but the nearest hospital was a full day’s travel away. Mohan’s wife was not strong enough to carry their sick son, especially with a toddler in tow.

Mohan was faced with the impossible choice – stop work for at least a week to take his son to hospital for life-saving treatment and risk his youngest child starving to death OR stay home and feed his family.

Mohan and his wife decided that they could not afford to make the long journey to the hospital. Mohan spent the day breaking stones, while his son was at home dying.

Sadly, a miracle did not come soon enough for Mohan’s son. But with your help, we can save other families from the same suffering by ending hunger once and for all.

Please make a tax-deductible donation before June 30. Together we can end hunger and poverty for good!