Unleashed Women was created for all those women we’ve met who are looking for connection, purpose, meaning, leadership and laughter. Women like you.

Our purpose is to bring women together. To unleash their potential to make a difference in the world. To bring dancing, colour and celebration to the women of Australia. For us to let go of the things that hold us back and to become part of something bigger than us. To find joy, fun, connection and energy by supporting and empowering each other, and working together towards something remarkable – ending hunger by 2030.

Get involved


1. SIGN UP. Sign up as an individual or team – once you’ve done that, we’ll send you a link to your personalised fundraising page that you can share with friends, family and colleagues! Each Unleashed Woman has a fundraising goal of $1,000. Find out more in the Unleashed Women info kit here.

2. CONNECT.  Connect with all the other Unleashed Women around Australia via our private Facebook group.

3. FUNDRAISE. Fundraise a minimum of $1,000 per person for The Hunger Project – we’re here to support you along the way with this fun challenge! You can connect with other Unleashed Women and fundraise together! You have until 28 February 2017 to complete your fundraising, so there’s still plenty of time to reach your goal. We’ve put together some great resources that will help you spread the word about the Unleashed Women movement too – download them here.

4. BE EMPOWERED. We’ll share regular doses of inspiring leadership insights from both Australian women leaders and our village partners, and connect you with other Unleashed Women throughout your fundraising journey. Take a stand for empowering other women and being part of the movement to end hunger! Check out the inspiring Australian women who have joined the movement as our ambassadors.

5. CELEBRATE! Connect with other women who have joined the movement. Dance, laugh and celebrate our fundraising achievements together at our Unleashed Women events!

With the $1,000 you raise as an individual, we could:

With the $250,000 all the Unleashed Women raise collectively, we could:

Why women are the key to ending hunger

At The Hunger Project, we’ve always known that the end of hunger is possible. Now, the world is aligned that we can end world hunger by 2030. In September 2015, world leaders, the UN and governments agreed on 17 Global Goals for sustainable development to tackle the biggest issues that our world is facing, including ending hunger and poverty, climate change and gender inequality. There is collective agreement about the importance of investing in women and girls and the disproportionate challenges that they face globally, to put women first and bring about equality. The Hunger Project believes that empowering women to be key change agents is the most critical element to achieving the end of hunger and poverty.

While many women around the world are hungry in the literal sense, we’ve recognised that many women in Australia are hungry too. Not for food, but for something else; whether that be purpose, meaning, connection, love, openness, authenticity or leadership. Unleashed Women aims to end this hunger that holds us back from being empowered, and to foster a unique and inspirational experience for all women involved.

To read stories about women who have been unleashed by The Hunger Project in India, Bangladesh, Africa, click here.

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