Our Ambassadors

We are thrilled to have these amazing women join the Unleashed Women movement as Ambassadors.

Kasia Gospos

Founder, Leaders in Heels

“I chose to support Hunger Project in particular because I love their concept that ending poverty starts by educating and empowering women.

Their programs aim to support women and build their capacity. The issue of hunger is not simply about a lack of food. The Hunger Project’s approach is a holistic one, to ensure effective, sustainable change and address root causes so they can break the poverty cycle. This is more than a band-aid solution.

The Hunger Project’s work empowering women across India, Africa and Bangladesh will make a significant impact in transforming lives of these communities. I hope that by getting involved together we will bring that smile to these women – a memory that will last for their entire lifetime.”


Read Kasia’s full testimonial here.

Susannah George

Founder, The Urban List

“Empowering women to achieve their dreams is a cause and a journey close to my heart – particularly when those dreams involve aspirations of entrepreneurship and building your own destiny.

I’m the fifth generation in my family to own my own business, and have been incredibly lucky with the mentorship and encouragement I’ve received through my career: mentors who have helped me stay the course and at times, pushed me out of my own way!

I’m excited and honored to be part of the Unleashed Women initiative – a platform that has the power and the potential to motivate and amplify the successes of exceptional women all around the globe. Excited to join a movement that shares and supports the creation of inspiring stories; and honored to be in a position to pass on the generosity I’ve received so we can all benefit from the learnings and the journey.”

Victoria Black

Publisher, Wildfire Publishing

“In Australia we are beyond blessed to have such a privileged way of life and incredible opportunities abound for women in our society. This is not the case in other countries sadly and there literally are starving people in the world – this cannot be tolerated or ignored.

It is our responsibility as individuals to do whatever we can to address this imbalance and reach out to our sisters across the oceans that are suffering. When women get together we can create so much magic and power.

That’s why I feel so passionate about Unleashed Women – alone we can do just so much – but together we can be unstoppable.”

Camilla Franks

Founder, Camilla

“My vision is a world where every woman is respected and has the right to experience freedom and feel joy, the Unleashed Women movement is an exciting opportunity for Australian women to make a difference that has a global impact. Together we can empower women to be key agents for change in the end of hunger and poverty. I believe that by focusing on releasing the potential that lives in every woman, we can empower and inspire each other to become a force of positive change. The partnership with The Hunger Project is a meaningful one that will ultimately impact and transform the lives of thousands living in chronic hunger.  In addition to supporting the Unleashed Women movement, this Christmas all CAMILLA Boutiques will be selling one-of-a-kind CAMILLA scarves, with 100% of profits contributing to The Hunger Project Australia.”

Cyan Ta'eed

Co-Founder, Envato

“I am deeply passionate about supporting women at work and encouraging more female entrepreneurs. That’s why I’m excited to become an official Ambassador for Unleashed Women, the first female-led movement empowering women to end hunger by 2030! I believe that by unleashing our own leadership, we can play a role in empowering women globally to be leaders in their communities.”

Genevieve Davidson

“I am so passionate about the Unleashed Women’s movement with the Hunger Project. This movement is about empowering women to be able to help themselves through education and opportunities. We take basic rights for granted while there really are starving children, girls as young as 5 forced into marriages and girls being raped when going to relieve themselves or walking long distances to get water or maize sent to villages from aid. How can we NOT do something if we know this exists? If there is an organisation that has a proven system that instigates real solutions not just aid and has a goal to end world hunger by 2030, I’m there! It doesn’t take much to support such a great initiative as this one. 

Not only this but we gain from being involved as we meet inspirational people both within The Hunger Project and the success stories that come out of their programs. This is an amazing opportunity!”

Tania Austin

Founder & CEO, Decjuba

“The Unleashed Women movement is closely aligned with our own philosophy to empower women and allows us to make a difference on both a global and local scale. We are passionate about creating change and want to use our reach to spread the word and inspire others to join the movement.”

Olivia Ruello

“Empowering and supporting women is important to be because it’s been proven time and time again that women invest in their families, in their communities and in education. So when you support women and girls you support whole communities. We are in trouble as a planet and I believe that for too long it has been a man’s world. Something has to change, and in my opinion there has never been a more critical time for women to step into their power and ignite change.”