The power of human potential

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In the villages we work in across Africa and Bangladesh, we run a process called Vision, Commitment and Action (VCA) workshop. 4.1 million of the poorest people on Earth have done it, and the purpose is to begin that process of shifting people’s mindset from ‘I’m poor and hungry – always have been and always will be’, to seeing themselves as agents of their own change.

It’s very profound, especially for women, and from this place people create sustainable change to end hunger for their families.

In Australia, we’ve adapted this process for our context. We are launching it across Australia in November. Our head of THP-Malawi Rowlands Kaotcha – himself a veteran leader of countless VCAs in villages across his country – will help lead the workshop.

15365161236_6ad7d72ad7_kIn Australia, we have our own hunger – for meaning, connection, belonging and making an impact. I would love you to be part of this experience. To see what value you’ll get out of the Australian version of the VCA workshop, read this.

Join me at the national event series from 9 – 16 November:
• Perth (Mon 9 Nov)
• Sydney (Wed 11 Nov)
• Melbourne (Thurs 12 Nov)
• Brisbane (Mon 16 Nov)

Tickets on sale now here.

All proceeds go to The Hunger Project.