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Meet Zebiba

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24 year old Zebiba in an Unleashed Woman. She lives with her husband and their one year old son. They live in the highlands of Ethiopia, far from hospitals, health clinics and other services. Living in such a remote area meant Zebiba never learnt how to cook and prepare nutritional and healthy food for her child.

At a Hunger Project cooking demonstration in their village, Zebiba and other local mothers and mothers-to-be learnt about the nutritional benefits of a ‘miracle’ plant called moringa.

Moringa leaves contain extraordinary levels of vitamins and minerals, key to the strong growth and development of pregnant and breastfeeding women and their babies. During the demonstration, they also learned how to use the leaves to prepare moringa porridge and other meals.

“Before The Hunger Project cooking demonstration, I had never heard of the plant called moringa. The leaves don’t taste bad at all! I learned that it’s as healthy as fruit and vegetables. Now I know how important it is for both me and my child that I eat healthy food. I also know to breastfeed for at least the first six months,” Zebiba says.

There is now a large moringa plantation in the village that is managed by the community, so that everyone can access moringa seedlings, plant a tree in their own backyards, and add the leaves into their family meals.

Access to the right nutrition is giving these babies and mothers the best start in life and has inspired Zebiba to have high hopes for her baby’s future.

“I hope that one day my son will become a doctor – however I will support him in achieving whatever his dream is!” she says.

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Meet Louise

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Louise is from a small village in Benin, West Africa. She lives with her six children and her husband, who works the land and grows corn.   

In the past, Louise wasn’t allowed to participate in decision-making, either in her own home or the community – simply for being a woman. Traditional cultural practices meant Louise didn’t have a voice of her own.  

When she participated in The Hunger Project‘s unique Vision, Commitment, Action workshop, Louise saw that she had vision for the future and that she could be the one to turn it into reality. Since then, she has gained confidence in her own capacity and leadership, and has become the leader of a microfinance group within her community. Her opinions, and her voice, are now respected.

“Before, my voice wasn’t heard when I brought something up for discussion. Now, I am part of the village council. I bring the local women together around microfinance, and I also share information I’ve learned about the importance of reading and writing, nutrition and hygiene,” Louise says.  

As a result of leading the small, local microfinance group, she has been able to expand her fruit, corn and peanut businesses to support her family – together with her husband. She now also advises other women on running their small businesses.  

When the microfinance group gathers, Louise also takes the opportunity to educate them on literacy, health and nutrition, so that the whole community flourishes. 

“It gives me a lot of joy when I see the results of my work. For example, many women are now supporting their families financially – and they know how to feed their children nutritious food. That makes me feel good. I will stand by these women to achieve what they want,” she says.  

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A message from our CEO

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To our valued supporters,

In the last month I have met so many inspiring women from across Australia who are bold and think big and who and who want to transform their world. They have all joined Unleashed Women – a powerful global movement empowering women to end hunger.

We all flourish when we lift each other up. It’s mind blowing how women around the world can truly transform lives when we each act as global citizens and contribute our love and actions from right here in Australia for something big like ending hunger.

I’d like to recognise each of the Unleashed Women for being global citizens and creating a brighter future for women everywhere.

Thank you for joining us on this journey to end hunger. We are so grateful for your ongoing generosity and support.

Yours in ending hunger,

Melanie Noden

CEO, The Hunger Project Australia

Unleashed Women is BACK!

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We’re proud to launch Unleashed Women for 2017. It’s back bigger and better – and truly global, with women joining from the US, UK, New Zealand, Europe and more!

This powerful global movement empowers women to end hunger – will you join us? Together with you, we believe we can achieve our goal of raising $200,000 reaching 160,000 women to end hunger and poverty in their communities.

In the words of The Hunger Project Australia’s CEO Melanie Noden, “Unleashed Women is a movement for women like you who are bold and dream big; who want to be part of a collective of like minded and like hearted women; and who care about making a positive impact on the world. As an Unleashed Woman, you are a global citizen who stands for a brighter future for women everywhere”.

Does this sound like you? Simply click here to join today.

We’ll be here standing alongside you as you unleash your potential to make a difference in the world!

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The Unleashed Women movement- Get Involved!

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The Hunger Project Australia is proud to officially launch the world’s first female-led movement to end hunger by 2030: Unleashed Women.

We created this powerful movement for women who are looking for connection, purpose, meaning, leadership and laughter. Women like you, your partners, daughters, sisters, girlfriends and colleagues.

Watch the Unleashed Women movement video here!

Empowering women is key to our work. Studies have shown that when women are empowered, the whole of society benefits.

It’s time for Australian women to be empowered, so that we can empower the poorest and most marginalised women in rural villages in India, Africa and Bangladesh to unleash their leadership, capacity, and potential so that they can end their own hunger and transform their communities.

Every single day these women are facing unimaginable adversity and are working together to achieve remarkable outcomes like feeding their families, stopping child marriage, educating their children, bringing clean water to their villages, fighting for gender equality, ending violence against women, and more.

By joining this important movement, we too can be empowered to unleash our leadership and potential for greatness, so that we can play a bigger game, create an impact and make a difference in the world.

We invite you to be part of this extraordinary collective of bold and courageous women, empowering women to end their own hunger.

By joining Unleashed Women, you commit to raising a minimum of $1,000 for The Hunger Project Australia by 31 December 2016, and mobilising 5 women to sign up to the movement too.

The more women who join Unleashed Women, the more we can achieve!

To find out more and to join the movement, visit Unleashed Women.