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Elected Women Representatives

On the campaign trail in India.

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Rajasthan recently wrapped up the local council election season in January 2020. Women stepped out to exercise their rights as equal citizens, both as candidates (old and new) and informed voters. The participation of women in the election process continues to steadily rise. It is mandated by law in India that one-third of all seats…

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Meet Sunita

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Sunita Meena is the President (Sarpanch) of Aakodiya Block, Chaksu District, Jaipur. We met Sunita with her ward members in the village meeting hall.  Next door was a creche – set up for around 10-15 of the poorest children in the village. When we asked her what made her happy, she spoke about the previous…

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Women’s roles as village council (Panchayat) leaders, is transforming the way people live in India. Although they often have much adversity to overcome – due to social conditioning and attitudes around gender – women are emerging as powerful leaders motivated by a desire to provide better lives for their families and communities. When women are…

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