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Mpingo Epicentre makes history

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The Hunger Project’s Mpingo Epicentre community is the third community in Malawi to reach self-reliance. What’s most exciting about this news is that all three of these communities in Malawi have been funded by Australians.

The 11,835 people of Mpingo have partnered with The Hunger Project since 2003 – and with the Eureka Benevolent Foundation since 2015.

There are 3 criteria an Epicentre must achieve in order to be declared self-reliant. Mpingo has achieved all three of them with flying colours:

1) The first criteria required is to have legal recognition as a community development organisation in their own right (separate to The Hunger Project).

2) The second criteria required is a title deed for the property on which the Epicentre building is constructed.

3) The third criteria required is to have a minimum self-reliance score of 80% based on their achievements on 53 measures.

Their future: As a result, the community declared themselves self-reliant, and Then Hunger Project is able to withdraw – and focus our attention on bringing other communities to self-reliance.

Results at Mpingo

Since reaching self-reliance Mpingo has achieved some amazing results across the board in terms of health, education and community engagement.

95% of births are attended by a licensed health care professional.

94% of households have at least one literate person.

90% of farmers are using improved farming methods.

88% of individuals are aware of their HIV status.

84% of children age 4 to 18 are attending school.

84% of individuals now believe they have the ability to implement change.

You can read more about the Mpingo Epicentre and much more in our 2017 Annual Report.

Reporting back on your impact

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We’re delighted to share our 2017 Annual Report with you. It’s a great opportunity for us to showcase the impact that we made together on the end of hunger.

In the report you’ll find:

  • Examples of the impact you made – in numbers and stories (pages 6, 7 & 15).
  • Feature pieces on self-reliance and global progress (pages 8-11).
  • The financials (pages 17-19).
  • Our acknowledgement of you – the wonderful and courageous community of people partnering with us (pages 4-5, 12-14, 20 onwards).
  • And much more.

Happy reading!

The Hunger Project Australia team

Global Investor Report 2017

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We are thrilled to share with you our 2017 Global Investor Report.

You can now download the report and read it in full.

Melanie Noden, CEO of The Hunger Project Australia, says she is pleased to release the report.

“I’m thrilled to present to you our Global Investor Report showing the incredible impact your investment has had on the lives of 16.1 million people in 2017,” she said.

Find the report here.


Our 2015 Annual Report is online!

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The Hunger Project Australia’s Annual Report for 2015 has been published online here. It’s a great wrap up of the collective impact made by Australian investors in the past year. We have also recognised all investors who gave more than $1,000 in 2015 within the report – see page 25! Thank you to everyone who contributed to our work in Africa, India and Bangladesh last year – we love having you as our partners in the end of hunger by 2030.