Students raise funds to eliminate hunger from their community

637 426 The Hunger Project Australia

The Hunger Project runs 8 month-long ‘Functional Adult Literacy Classes’ in Coki, Senegal that are open for both men and women to attend.  The classes are free for students and run for 3 hours, 4 times per week.  The Hunger Project pays the teachers a salary and provides all the books required for the training.

As adults, the students face a greater challenge in learning to read and write, but say they  “know education is the key to a different future…”. They are committed to learning and work hard every morning so they’re free to come to classes in the afternoons.

The students have come to understand the value of education, as they’ve seen the way it’s transforming lives and their community.  They want literacy classes run independently of The Hunger Project one day, so have chosen to make personal contributions toward a venture that will generate an income and ensure their vision comes to life.

Together, they are raising male sheep to sell for breeding. All the income raised will go back into funding the literacy classes.