Thank you for reaching out to keep others safe.

We asked you to stay in to activate The Hunger Project’s 500,000 highly trained community leaders on the ‘village frontlines’ of this pandemic to reach out to 16.5 million people in their communities.

Collectively, you invested an incredible…


We are so proud to say that your generosity combined with the leadership of our village partners created outstanding results. Your investment, together with investments from all around the world, enabled our local volunteer leaders to quickly mobilise their communities and respond to COVID-19 with ingenuity and strength.

While we have wrapped up our ‘Stay In, Reach Out’ campaign, we are still carrying out our work enabling people with the skills and resources they need to lift themselves out of hunger — which will also help them protect their families from COVID-19.

If you would like to invest in our work in India, Africa and Bangladesh, you can do so here, or head here to read more about our COVID-19 response.