Stand with Rumi

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Imaging having the courage to stop a child marriage. These 14-year-old girls did!

Each and every day we are so inspired by our incredible village partners like Rumi and her friends.

“I no longer have to worry about child marriage. It will never get in the way of my studies again.” – Rumi.

The Safe Schools for Girls Program was created by The Hunger Project Bangladesh to increase girls’ attendance in school, reduce dropouts, improve the quality of education available to girls and promote additional opportunities for girls in and out of school.

Child marriage remains widespread in Bangladesh, with 67% of girls married before the age of 18, according to UNICEF. Child marriage is rooted in cultural and religious traditions, gender inequality and cycles of poverty. Child marriage denies girls their basic human rights and puts their lives in great danger. Marrying at a young age is detrimental to girls’ health and wellbeing, restricts access to education and income-earning opportunities and often results in social isolation.

The Hunger Project is committed to continuing the implementation of the program, and emphasises the importance of hosting film screenings and dialogues to engage with all community members around issues of women’s and girl’s empowerment.