Say hello to our new Global Leader of Partnerships, Cathy Burke!

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We’re excited to announce that our CEO, Cathy Burke, will be expanding her influence and leadership within The Hunger Project by taking on the role of Global Leader, Partnerships.

In this role, Cathy will focus on building key partnerships and creating collaboration opportunities with international leaders, entrepreneurs and corporations for ending hunger by 2030.

Cathy has made many meaningful connections during her time as CEO with our corporate partners as well as with many of you – our investor community.

“I am so grateful for the many years I have had as CEO at The Hunger Project Australia. I am proud of the organisation that has been built, and the difference it has made to the lives of millions of the poorest people.

Knowing so many of you, and being joined together for such an extraordinary achievement that is the end of hunger, has been the greatest thing. Thank you for your love, commitment and investment in this work.

I am very excited to be moving into this new phase, and the chance to make even more of a global impact. But I have some small sadness too – I treasure the team we have and the regular connection with all of you!

That said, I am thrilled that The Hunger Project Australia has never been in better shape. Our staff and board of directors are as passionate and motivated as ever to keep bringing their extraordinary selves to grow the reach of The Hunger Project in Australia, and play a leading role in supporting The Hunger Project to end hunger. I will remain their partner and biggest fan,” says Cathy.

As Cathy transitions into her new role, our National Board of Directors will be commencing the search process for a new CEO for The Hunger Project Australia.

“We are pleased that the work Cathy and her team have done in Australia has been recognised by the Global Office in offering her this important new role, and look forward to supporting her in this capacity,” says the Board.
Please join us in congratulating Cathy on her exciting new role!

We’ve got big plans for 2016 and beyond and we look forward to sharing more about them with you very soon. Stay tuned…

Thank you for your partnership and support in ending hunger by 2030!

The Hunger Project Australia team