Rethinking What’s Possible

Based on our leadership model The Hunger Project has decoded the lessons learnt from our leaders in developing countries and applied them to Australian setting. That same ability to move from “I can’t” to “I can” to “We can” is available for us in Australia too – from our own village classroom.

The Rethinking What’s Possible workshop gives you the opportunity to see how questioning your own beliefs can result in extraordinary outcomes.

The 2 hour “Rethinking What’s Possible” workshop will uncover these learnings for you.
At the Rethinking What’s Possible workshop, we will:
• Share the inspiring stories of our village partners
• Recalibrate your perspective with examples of what’s possible in your life
• Challenge your assumptions about what’s limiting your capacity
• Explore why your mindset is key, and how entrenched beliefs can be transformed
• Give you insights into the work of The Hunger Project and invite you to consider your role in ending hunger


Rethinking What’s Possible is ideal for small – medium size groups of people or organisations wanting to lift the lid on limiting mindsets and spark insights and new ways of thinking and solving problems.

This two-hour interactive workshop is a great way to engage teams. Through the process of storytelling, individuals relate the lessons back to their own challenges brought to the room. The sharing of insights and lessons begins to shape and encourage new ways of seeing and doing.


Workshops can be delivered at your workplace. To find out more about this opportunity contact Director of Programs, Kate Stone.