Progress is made when we all work together: The Hunger Project & The 17 Global Goals

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We’re clear that it will take more than The Hunger Project working alone to achieve the end of hunger. That’s why we were thrilled when the world’s leaders in 2015 agreed on 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The Global Goals confirmed what we’ve always known and advocated for – that hunger and poverty are complex issues that require a holistic approach; that it will take everyone working together in a strategic way to succeed; and that it IS possible to end hunger – by 2030.

The 17 Goals include No Poverty and Zero Hunger – and also cover areas from education and gender equality to climate action and peace, justice and strong institutions. As you know, despite our name, The Hunger Project works not only in food- and farming-specific education and training, but also across many diverse sectors that on first glance may seem unrelated to food or farming at all – like sanitation, gender equality or leadership. However we deliberately work in those sectors too because we know that when all these elements are addressed, it creates an environment in which people have the agency and power to lift themselves out of hunger.

Below you can see a snapshot of the breadth of The Hunger Project’s work, and how what we do addresses all 17 of the Global Goals. When The Hunger Project and others strategically work together within the framework of the 17 Global Goals, we can achieve the end of hunger in a sustainable way.

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