Small to medium enterprises and the corporate sector are significant game changers in achieving our goal to end hunger and poverty.   

We are proud of our innovative, strategic partnerships with like-minded organisations that share our vision for a world free from hunger. Our corporate partners invest funds, expertise, skills, resources and networks to enable us to maximise our impact and effectiveness and to scale our work globally. We seek to ensure that our partnerships are purposeful and provide a valued benefit exchange that allows companies to align their organisation’s goals with our work. 

We love to develop creative partnership models that can invigorate and inspire your business and staff, provide them with more meaning in their work, and align them to a united purpose. 

Why Partner? 

There is mounting evidence that shows communicating a clear purpose beyond product has become the most meaningful way to differentiate, and a powerful way to increase customer engagement, conversions and loyalty as well as increase staff engagement and retention. We hope you join us to learn practical ways to build a meaningful partnership that strengthens your business and the impact you can have in shaping the world we live in.   

Your business stands for making a difference and particularly for ending world hunger forever. By working with The Hunger Project, your investment and partnership will empower and enable communities around the world to create sustainable change and lift themselves out of hunger. We see you as a like-minded and like-hearted business with an aligned vision to end hunger. Partnerships like this are timely and essential given the current global climate of the pandemic which has pushed the most vulnerable communities to the brink of poverty and starvation, and requires united and empowered leadership at all levels and from all countries to protect everyone, everywhere – including you!  

Have a wild, bold, conversation 

If you are interested in exploring what a partnership between your business and The Hunger Project could look like, please contact Sivanjana Kathiravel, Head of Partnerships on 0402 706 202 or 

We are proud to partner with these innovative businesses that are committed to working with us to end hunger. Their contribution enables us to create significant impact globally, empowering people living in chronic hunger to break the poverty cycle and transform their lives. We would like to thank them for their vision, commitment and action towards our mission.

Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science (AACDS)

AACDS is a proud supporter of The Hunger Project’s Women Empowered Fund which recognises the issues of gender inequality that women face in overcoming hunger and poverty in Africa, India, Bangladesh and Latin America. AACDS is Registered Training Organisation specialising in training and education in the field of aesthetics. Our students are primarily women with a desire to empower themselves through education and career growth. We see the importance of educational opportunities for all women across the globe. 

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Bared Footwear

Bared Footwear partnered with us for the month of June 2019, donating $10 for every pair of shoes sold to THP. As a result, the company invested an outstanding $40,000! Bared continue to invest and mobilise their community to support THP.

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Benevolence Financial Group

Benevolence Financial Group is a mortgage broker that give back. The Hunger Project’s Microfinance loan program is one of the three causes they support, giving 10% of proceeds when a customer chooses to support The Hunger Project to our programs empowering women to end hunger.

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Business Chicks

Since 2011, 170 Business Chicks Premium members have travelled to 6 different THP countries including Bangladesh, India, Uganda, Mexico, Senegal and Malawi on the THP & Business Chicks leadership immersion program. The fully immersive six-day trip has proven completely transformative for all involved. To date, this group has raised more than $2 million for The Hunger Project.

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Through ‘The Butterfly Effect. Camilla x The Hunger Project’, the Camilla tribe partners with THP’s Adolescent Girls’ Program in Bihar, India. To date, as a result of the program, 339 child marriages have been averted and 288 girls who had dropped out of school have since re-enrolled.



CitySwoon runs speed dating nights across Australia and has hosted their Speed Dating to End Hunger events in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, with all proceeds from tickets sold going to The Hunger Project.

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Classic Finance

Classic Finance is a boutique mortgage broking business. Founder Nancy Youssef has raised $160,000 to date for the Human Kind Project, a dear partner of THP.

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Commonwealth Bank Australia

We partnered with Commonwealth Bank for 6 years, with 140+ executives from their Corporate Financial Services division having gone through our corporate leadership immersion program in India to date and becoming ‘Change Leaders’ back in the business.

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Conexus Financial

Conexus Financial are a long-time partner of The Hunger Project through their Chief Executive and Founder, Colin Tate. The business has partnered particularly with the Mbale community in Uganda which celebrated reaching Self-Reliance in 2019.

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To-date, Decjuba has raised $1 million for The Hunger Project through the creation and sales of special and limited edition THP products including tees, totes and pouches. Team Decjuba has also participated on THP’s leadership immersion programs. Now, Decjuba is partnering with the Oruka and Mpigi Epicentre communities in Uganda to reach Self-Reliance.


The Good Company

The Good Company is Australia’s first Profit for Purpose burger company built to make an impact from the ground up. The goodness doesn’t end just with your taste buds. TGC is committed to extending their Good to deeds, so with your help, TGC profits go towards ending world hunger through THPA. Together, we can enjoy good food, do good deeds, and push out good vibes. Now that’s the good life.


The Gourmet Pantry

The Gourmet Pantry is proud to support The Hunger Project’s mission to end hunger and poverty with a donation from every hamper. Founded by foodies, The Gourmet Pantry is Australia’s leading online gourmet food destination. They have taken the best gourmet food products from Australia & the world. The huge range provides the perfect gift for every occasion and their corporate gifting suite makes it easy to thank clients and staff.


Hallow Brands

Hallow Brands is a proud supporter of The Hunger Project. $1 from every online sale goes directly to The Hunger Project to help fund our work in Africa, India and Bangladesh.
Their most recent Kinnon x THP collaboration, a collection of leather card holders, is making a difference with 50% of every sale going to The Hunger Project.

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Herbana is an online store selling green, toxic-free beauty products. They offer three causes for customers to choose upon check-out, with The Hunger Project being one, and donate 1% of sales to our programs when we’re chosen.

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Hey Tiger

Hey Tiger works with The Hunger Project to fund lifesaving community development work for cocoa farming communities in the Ehiamankyene region in Ghana. The business has committed to investing over $350,000 by 2022 in THP’s work in Ghana.

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Human Kind Project

Through Human Kind Project, Australian entrepreneurs invest in partnering with the Nchalo community in Malawi through to Self-Reliance, as well as THP’s maternal and child health, and microfinance programs.

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i=Change weaves philanthropy into everyday purchases. When buying from a range of high quality brands, your purchases contribute funds to The Hunger Project’s work ending child marriage in Bangladesh. So far, 23 brands have invested more than $110,000 through the i=Change platform.

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Karrikins Group

A group of 10 staff members from Karrikins Group participated in a THP leadership immersion program to Malawi to experience our work first-hand.

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Like Minded B's Drinking Wine

This fun group for women entrepreneurs has run a number of events raising funds for THP, most recently via their first global conference held in Sydney in early 2020.

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Macquarie Group Foundation

The Macquarie Group Foundation is a generous investor in The Hunger Project’s work through their employee matching scheme.

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Nova Entertainment

Nova Entertainment enables THP to amplify our message to their audience via pro bono digital and radio ads, and engages their staff through our annual Unleashed campaign.

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Peeplcoach is an interactive and self-paced career coaching platform that helps professionals find satisfaction in their work and boost their health & wellbeing. The business invests $1 per participant every month into THP’s work.

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ProcessWorx is an experienced Human Resource and Work, Health and Safety company, located in Perth, Western Australian. Our team of professionals are passionate about helping SME’s succeed with quality human resources and safety management services. A portion of all ProcessWorx profits is invested in The Hunger Project to help empower women and support a community of more than 5,500 people in Ghana to achieve Self-Reliance.

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Showpo has been working closely with The Hunger Project since 2017 to help raise funds and awareness for the movement towards ending hunger and poverty. Showpo fundraises through their annual sample sales, donating all of the proceeds from the event to The Hunger Project. To date, Showpo has invested almost $100,000 through their sample sales.

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Install solar with Solargain and make a positive impact on lives through our partnership with The Hunger Project Australia. Our experienced consultants provide honest advice for configurations across our solar product range, customised to your needs.

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Solar Dwellings

Solar Dwellings have been supporting The Hunger Project for over 30 years. Solar Dwellings was founded in 1991 by Griff Morris, whose dedication to sustainable living is woven into the fabric of the business.

Solar Dwellings have designed over 1000 homes using passive solar design principles. Incorporating universal access and ageing in place into our designs to ensure that homes are accessible for everyone, providing dignity and independence to people with mobility needs.

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More than 30 Sovereign staff have participated in two Hunger Project leadership immersion programs. This was the first collaboration by The Hunger Project Australia in New Zealand.

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SuperFastDiet believes in doing business for good. 10% of the company’s revenue goes directly to giving including to Human Kind Project, a dear partner of THP.

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The Talent Connective

The Talent Connective gives 10% of their revenue from each recruitment to The Hunger Project. In doing this The Talent Connective create sustainable business opportunities for communities in India, Africa, Latin America and Bangladesh through microfinance loans and financial literacy training provided by The Hunger Project.

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Urban List

The Urban List team have created a number of innovative initiatives over the years as a partner of THP’s Unleashed campaign – most recently through their Urban Feast rewards card, with a portion of proceeds invested back into THP.

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Pro bono partners

Hamilton Locke

Hamilton Locke is a legal practice that supports THP through providing pro bono legal advice and also creating opportunities for exposure and fundraising.

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L&A is a specialist social media strategy and implementation agency, and they donate their time and skills to advise us on the most effective ways to engage our community via social media.

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Labelium develops and manages our Google search engine advertising. Their support helps us increase our reach through strategic online marketing.


McKinsey & Company

In partnership with McKinsey & Company, we have designed, developed and implemented specific programs for senior leadership teams, for example at Commonwealth Bank. The programs are based on the lessons we’ve learned from our village partners – and are built to drive cultural and behavioural changes, and shift the mindsets of management and staff.

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Nibble Digital

Nibble Digital is a digital marketing agency that provides THP with website and digital advice to transform our online presence.

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Prue Aja

Prue is an outstanding professional photographer who graciously lends her expertise to capture THP’s work in country, and also in Australia.

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