Ending Hunger In Africa

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The Hunger Project works in nine countries across the diverse and vast continent of Africa. To end hunger in Africa we deploy individualised, localised and sustainable programs that are unique to the specific community where that action work is being undertaken. This means our work to end hunger is first and foremost being undertaken and led by local people on the ground, not people flown in from the Global North.

The core of our work in Africa is based on a holistic development model we call The Epicentre Strategy. The Epicentre Strategy is an integrated approach that was created in Africa, by Africans and, over the past 20 years, has mobilised epicentre communities reaching over 1.6 million people across the continent. 

Program Countries 

The Epicentre Strategy 

The Hunger Project’s Epicentre Strategy is a tried and tested way of bringing communities together so they can end their own hunger. 

To end hunger in Africa, we deploy the Epicentre Strategy to unite some 15,000+ people in a cluster of villages to create a unique community hub or Epicentre. This dynamic centre is where communities are mobilised into action so they can work together to end their own hunger.  

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The Hunger Project’s Vision, Commitment, Action Workshops

Another unique way The Hunger Project empowers communities to end their own hunger is through our Vision, Commitment, Action workshop. It is an innovative program that we roll out across communities in Africa.

For many, this is the first – and most critical – step in the sustainable journey to end hunger. Through this process, we ask people to shift their mindsets from one of resignation and despondency to one of optimism and empowerment.

On an individualistic, community level, our program leaders across Africa highlight the importance of the power of agency in ending hunger. Addressing the entrenched attitudes and beliefs is key to empowering people to become self-reliant, transform lives and create a new future for communities.

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