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Girls Change Tracks: A journey to empower women and girls

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#GirlsChangeTracks is an awesome new initiative from our colleagues at The Hunger Project India. The initiative will see a group of young visionary women travel via train from India’s state of Bihar to the state of Rajasthan. On this special journey, the girls will engage in conversations and learning activities with young women and girls from Rajasthan,…

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Women and girls in Africa empowered to end their own inequality and hunger

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In 2016, 107,283 volunteers participated in our ‘Women’s Empowerment’ program and have become village leaders equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to promote the rights of women and girls within their communities. By placing women at the centre of our programs, we aim to end deeply embedded cycles of hunger and inequality which have resulted…

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Together with the invaluable support of our investors, we have been successful in mobilising 395,000 locally trained volunteers globally – all of whom are dedicated to ending poverty and hunger within their communities. We know that the people living in communities afflicted by poverty and hunger are key to providing solutions to the issues they…

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Our 2016 Annual Report

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Thanks to each and every one of our generous investors and our incredible village partners around the world, we were able to reach amazing milestones in 2016!   A few highlights include:  10 Epicentre communities of 150,836 people across Africa achieved their targets for self-reliance. 3,339 local volunteer leaders trained in Bangladesh who collectively reached 141,874…

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With safe storage, Mbale food bank promotes food security

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“It’s hard to find a family with bad quality grain these days. Families keep their maize, sorghum and millet in the food bank and are able to use it while it’s still good,” says Joyce Nakato, a Community Development Officer in Mbale, Uganda. Joyce is referring to the storage facility that is part of The…

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The Hunger Project Uganda and researchers from Makerere University have published a new study that shows the efficacy of Farmer Field Schools in empowering farmers to adapt to climate change. The researchers studied farmers in the Kiboga District of Uganda, an area characterized by unreliable rainfall. The study found that Farmer Field Schools were an effective…

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World Hunger Day 2017: The Hidden Causes of Hunger

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Today, we are celebrating the seventh annual World Hunger Day! World Hunger Day aims to raise awareness of global hunger and to inspire people around the world to be a part of the solution. Did you know that, worldwide, there are 795 million people who are chronically hungry? Contrary to popular belief, the causes of…

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Announcing the launch of the Decjuba THP t-shirts

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Decjuba x THP t-shirts. The t-shirts are available for purchase in black and gold or black and white in-store or via the link here. All of the proceeds from this limited edition t-shirt will go towards The Hunger Project’s work empowering women to end hunger. A…

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Mohan’s Story

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“I went to work to break stones, while my son was at home dying.” Mohan Mohan is from a poor village in the north of India, five hours walk from a main road. He lives with his family in a small mud hut. At night they sleep side by side, on a torn plastic mat…

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One small habit influential leaders know has BIG Impact

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In late March I had the great privilege to facilitate a leadership immersion trip with Millie Allbon for The Hunger Project Australia and Human Kind Project to Malawi. Whilst many people think I must be over there building huts or similar popularised views of what westerners do in Africa, the leadership immersion programs are quite…

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