New Faces of THP.

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We are thrilled to introduce a few new faces in our Hunger Project community who have come aboard the team for the end of hunger.

Griff Morris

Griff Morris has invested significantly in The Hunger Project’s (THP) mission to educate and empower women which has led to an investment for over 34 years both personally and professionally through his business, Solar Dwellings.  Griff’s dedication to sustainably living is woven into the fabric of his business and his personal beliefs. A strong believer in thinking globally and acting locally, Griff designs sustainable homes for all budgets locally and part of that income supports THP programs ending hunger globally.

Griff joined the WA Development Board in mid-2019 and is excited to have a deeper role in The Hunger Project community.

Paul Tontodonati

Paul is the newest member of our wonderful development board in Victoria after meeting the THP team at a number of events and feeling touched by the stories of our village partners and the energy and passion of those who have returned from our Leadership Immersion Programs. He could sense that our community was special and fortunately had the opportunity to contribute as a Global Investor.

“I’m both honoured and excited to join the Vic Board, as THP is well recognised for its amazing work and attracts wonderful individuals to promote its cause.  It’s great to formally be part of the THP family and I hope I can do my bit to help achieve THP’s mission to break the cycle of poverty and to end world hunger by 2030.”

Anne Smith

Anne is our first team member based in Western Australia! With 14 years of experience in fundraising, Anne is looking forward to meeting and working with WA-based investors.
“I am thrilled to join the THPA team and be part of this organisation that educates and empowers women to be leaders in their community and to help them become Self-Reliant.”  
If you are based in WA, or know anyone who is and would love to get involved with us, reach out to Anne at

There are so many wonderful people that make up our community — check out our people and our partners!