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“The program is both humbling and inspiring. You get to see firsthand how the money raised is used, and what a tremendous difference your effort can make in rural communities. It will change the way you see the world. An opportunity like this does not come around often – if ever – so you’d be crazy not to take it.” 

Joe Leech, founder, dietvsdisease.org 

For dietician Joe Leech, participating in THP’s leadership immersion program in Uganda and visiting communities living in hunger was the catalyst for a new idea and approach to thinking about his work with food. This is the power of participating in a new or challenging experience in an entirely unfamiliar environment — development and growth are inevitable.  

For Joe, seeing firsthand the devastating hunger and poverty in east Africa made him think of a solution to balance out the over-consumption problem we face in the West. He created a documentary to explore people’s relationship to food and nutrition in Uganda. 

“Just watching this will change the way you think and look at food — where it comes from, how much variety we have, how cheap it is, how wasteful we are.” 

Our leadership immersion programs have been the catalyst for personal growth and development for many people over the past eight years. They offer a new lens for tackling the challenges in our lives.  

Witnessing what our village partners have already achieved and continue to achieve to solve their own hunger opens us up to new possibilities for our futures. Whether that’s feeding your family every day, starting the business you’ve always dreamed of or doing something you’ve always been too scared to take action on, it unlocks the hidden leader in all of us. 

Applications open now for Unlock, The Hunger Project’s next leadership immersion program going to Malawi in November 2019 (limited spots still available). Find out more or apply now at www.thp.org.au/unlock 

*This blog post includes extracts from https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/diet/dietitian-says-were-eating-ourselves-to-death-and-he-has-a-unique-solution/news-story/edd8745eedfca9b3e0fc2d36e182ba49