Mouthful Magazine & The Hunger Project

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The Hunger Project is thrilled to announce our new partnership with monthly digital mag, Mouthful Magazine.

For each annual subscription, Mouthful Magazine will kindly donate $5 to The Hunger Project Australia.

In their 6th issue the team at Mouthful Magazine wrote about why they’ve decided to partner with The Hunger Project.

“There is enough food in the world to feed each and every one of us, yet millions go to bed starving every night. This is untenable. I wanted to do something about it so I went looking for an organisation that addressed this in a pro-active way – not just throwing money at the problem, because that never works. After much research and study I came across The Hunger Project and I realised I found ’the one’.” – Mouthful Magazine, Issue 6.

Read more about the partnership with Mouthful Magazine or visit their website for more info on subscriptions.