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“It feels as if my life has been rescued and the darkest times are far behind me.” Tsege Searko, Ethiopia used a microfinance loan and skills training from The Hunger Project to create a flourishing farm. 

Approximately 70% of the world’s hungry are women – and we firmly believe that empowering these women as key change agents in society is essential to achieve a sustainable end to hunger and poverty globally.

The sustainable end of hunger will not be achieved through aid and resource drops.

Community-led action that addresses ALL of the issues that lead to hunger is the ONLY solution.

Your support of The Hunger Project Australia has already enabled some of the poorest, hungriest women around the world to make enormous changes in their communities.

In 2016 alone, you enabled The Hunger Project Australia to:

  • Train 82,164 women through our Women’s Empowerment Program in Africa = a sustainable end to hunger!
  • Teach 55,014 women in Bangladesh about the negative impacts of child marriage and to stop this harmful, traditional practice that keeps girls out of school = a sustainable end to hunger.
  • Support 14,065 elected women in India to join forces as effective, respected leaders who bring education, healthcare and sanitation in their villages = a sustainable end to hunger!

Despite the daily hardships these women face – like hunger, violence, threats and discrimination – they are strong. They are bold. They are courageous.

Thank you for being the reason that The Hunger Project can continue our important work to support these courageous women on International Women’s Day, and every day!

Yours in ending hunger,

Melanie Noden

CEO, The Hunger Project Australia


Photo Credit: Anna Zhu